How to get job and work permit in canada


How to Get a Job in Canada from India in 2022 ?

For the immigrants who are looking to find a job in Canada, but are not sure how to do it, this is the right place for you. In this article, we will help you learn about job search skills, Canadian workplace, and the answer to your question on how to get a job in Canada. 

The major requirement to be able to get a job in Canada is to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). So, you have to make sure as soon as lands in Canada, you apply for your SIN. 

What are the various ways to apply for a job in Canada ?

In order to get a job in Canada, you can use the help of the following resources that can provide with all the information required that can assist in your search for the job:
  • Immigrant-serving organizations – These organizations offer the applicants various services like resume writing workshops, job search training sessions and other services that can help you find the desirable job
  • Job Bank – After the candidate has a valid express entry profile, they are able to create an account in the Job bank. It offers free information on occupations and careers about working in Canada like Main duties, Wage, Jobs, Employment trends and Educational requirements
  • Service Canada – It is one of a major platform that has important information about job searching

How to find a job in Canada from India ?

Now, on how to search for a job in Canada, you can follow some of the below-mentioned points that can assist in finding a job in the country:

  • You browse the job search websites and classifieds sections of newspapaer to see which companies are hiring like Job Bank has nearly 2,000 new jobs posted on daily basis and has job postings for federal public services positionspositions
  • Use employment agencies’ services – like Service Canada can enlist you for government employment services and training help
  • You can go to job-search fairs in the town or city you are residing, increasing your prospects of meeting an employer and discuss jobs
  • Can ask your friends or family if they know about any job openings

Once you are able to get find the job that you were looking, you can apply for the position by submitting your:

  1. Cover Letter (Describing why you are best suited for this job)
  2. Resume (List of all your qualifications and work experience)

How To Get A Job In Canada As A Newcomer

If you are all, set to move to Canada, your next step should be finding a suitable job. In case you are fresher in the area, then finding a suitable job can be a bit difficult for you. After the coronavirus pandemic effect, it has become an even more challenging thing to look for a job, so it is better to update yourself with the latest trends in the market to cope with the market.

Moreover, certain things will help you recover from this difficult time, and Scotiabank is here to support you. Here you will get to know how you can obtain a job in Canada, especially during the pandemic.

Polish your resume

The most important factor in obtaining a suitable job is by drafting your resume. Moreover, the Canadian resume is framed traditionally, and employers always choose to read the highlights of your work experience instead of the list of jobs you have done till now. It would help if you always polish your resume for every job opportunity you find to apply instead of showing the same resume that you usually show to every listing.

Narrow your search

Thousands of jobs are daily posted to some of the famous Canadian job sites. It can prove to be a very time taking task for you to find suitable jobs for you. Rather you can do one thing is to research for the category in which you excel. It may take a longer period to find the jobs quickly, but if you obtain the jobs using popular sites, then there are more chances that you will be very satisfied with it.

In case you have not settled on a territory, then it better that first, you should consider which areas could be perfect according to your profession. For example, if you are an IT expert, then reside near the larger cities and towns like Toronto or Vancouver can be beneficial for you to get multiple job options.

Learn how to network

It is not fixed that you will only get opportunities at popular job sites. You can post for your job at various social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, which help you, get job opportunities and expand your network.

The LinkedIn platform is full of recruiters, so always start networking on LinkedIn by creating an engaging profile. Do not just upload your resume in your LinkedIn and consider that it is complete and engaging. Rather you can do to write down your work experience so that your skills are prominently covered in it. Keep yourself updated and connect with the experts who excel in your field and capable Canadian employers.

How To Get A Job In Canada With Or Without Work Experience

If your intention is to relocate to Canada as a temporary or permanent resident, you will certainly require a job to survive, so the ultimate goal is not relocating but being able to survive and sustain yourself and your dependents as the case may be after relocating.

These steps will require you to have a job or a stable source of income, as important as this is, it, therefore, should be answered before you leave your home country.


The first step is to have the right attitude, motivation, and enthusiasm. Job hunting can be very daunting and frustrating sometimes, especially when you find yourself in a new environment, where you do not know much, have enough connections and networks, and haven’t worked in before.

Most Canadian employers will prefer to hire a person with quite some years of Canadian work experience in their confers.

Do not be dismayed by this anyways, having the right attitude and passion towards your goal can get you into any The right attitude and motivation will ensure you are diligent enough to work on yourself, to be that person that can be hired, and to cause you to go out of your way and beyond your capabilities also, to achieve your goal and land your dream job.

In working on yourself, you must ensure your English or French speaking is proficient enough, these being a second language to you depending on whether you are a native speaker or not, it will be required of you to be able to communicate fluently in the workplace and to understand quite well when spoken to too.

Therefore, your English or French language speaking might become an important determinant to your hiring process.door.

Step 2: Right CV and RESUME’

Your CV and Resume should be tailored according to Canadian standards if it must go through the selection process during job offers.

Your resume’ is an important first impression a potential employer has of you, therefore, ensure you have your CV or RESUME to the specified structure and content required by Canadian employers, this is certain to increase your chances of landing your desired job.

Below are some things you can do to make your CV stand out to Canadian employers

  • Your CV or resume’ should be precise and short, to the point with headings and bullet points.
  • It should always be tailored or edited to the particular requirements of the job you are applying for.
  • Your education, professional qualifications, and other certifications should be well spelled out and highlighted.
  • You might want to redesign and structure your CV in line with the job you are applying to.
  • Ensure to use keywords in the content of your CV, however, must be done with caution so as not to be overbearing to whoever will have to review it.
  • Decide if your resume should be Chronological, that is; listing your experiences in the order in which they were acquired or Functional, that is; spelling out your experiences according to function.
  • Make sure to list your personal or team achievements rather than your duties.

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