How to become an astronaut in isro India

How to become an astronaut in isro India

How to become astronaut in India

Educational qualifications to become an astronaut in India 

In India, you will have to start focusing on your career once you pass 10th grade One should choose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core subjects in 12th.

After you are done with 12th grade and you have gotten good grades, you need to focus on a good Bachelors degree from a recognized university. One could choose a course in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, or Aerospace Engineering.

To be able to get a post graduation degree and a doctorate, you need to do well in your undergraduate degree. Post graduation and doctorate will basically be specialization in your stream.

After you are done with graduation, you can sit for the exam, which is held by NASA for the recruitment of scientists and astronauts. Or in order to join ISRO one needs to clear the Joint Entrance Exam which is held by the IITs.

And in order to be a mission specialist, you will need 3 years of related and responsible experience.

Quality and skills required to become an astronaut

There are a couple of qualities and skills that a person needs to possess in order to make sure he can think of becoming an astronaut, some of them are-

  • You need to be physically fit, there are examinations, mentally strong and should have great stamina.
  • You should qualify the criterion of height, a particular level of height is required for people to become an astronaut.
  • You should possess great mathematical skills, and I am not talking about addition, multiplication etc.
  • You should have good communication skills, you must be good at English because there are very high chances that people you will be working with will not even be from your own country.
  • You should have a good academic career and team spirit because all the space missions are done in teams, and you should be able to work under high pressure and in cramped environment.

Benefits to become an astronaut in Nasa

Being an astronaut is one of the most competitive and toughest tasks because it requires fulfilling a lot of criteria to make a career in the space industry. If you are an adventurous person and love to take on challenges then this profession is perfect for you. Benefits to becoming an astronaut being offered by space agencies are mentioned below:- 

  • Health & Insurance: Employees are eligible to enrol themselves in health, dental, vision and life insurance programs. They can share their health cost and life insurance premiums with the government. Benefits like low cost, high-quality life insurance and voluntary benefits being offered by NASA Employees Benefit Association (NEBA)

  • Compensation & Recognition: Apart from the benefits, astronauts will get a handsome salary package along with retirement plans. The space agencies encourage their employees by offering titles of outstanding achievement, innovation and performance. They also get monetary and non-monetary benefits in terms of awards and recognition.. 

  • Career & Development: Many space agencies are continuously trying to provide better career-long learning opportunities. The space agencies provide tuition assistance, career counselling, extensive onsite training, and other educational programs to candidates which help them to grow their knowledge and skills. 

  • Life & Family: Once the candidate has been selected for the astronaut position, the space agency offers security to their employees at work and at home. Flexible working hours, telecommuting options, paid holidays and a generous leave program are being offered to employees.

Salary of an astronaut in isro India

Manned space programs have not commenced in the country yet, but it is set to start soon. It may be difficult to determine an accurate salary figure for astronauts. However, astronauts are civil servants and their salaries are on the government scale. Since it is a very coveted and high-risk job, they receive attractive remuneration for their services. ISRO (Indian Space Research organisation) is planning to hire experienced Indian Air Force pilots for its upcoming manned missions.

The average base salary of a space Scientisscientis is ₹3,15,000 per year. The average base salary of a scientist/engineer in ISR is ₹4,80,000 per year. The average base salary of a distinguished scientis is ₹9,06,000 per year.

Institute in India Where can I study to become an astronaut?

There are a number of universities in the country which provide excellent education and training for aspiring astronauts. Along with this, there are also renowned global institutions in this domain. Here is a list of popular training centres to become an astronaut:

  • IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology)
  • IISc (Indian Institute of Science)
  • IIRS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing)
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
  • IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)

What are the qualifications to become an astronaut in isro? 

Selection procedures for astronauts are extremely rigorous and only a few select candidates qualify. Here are the qualifications and eligibility requirements to become an astronaut:

They must be a citizen of India.

An Indian Air Force pilot gets preference because of their professional experience flying aircraft.

Candidates may have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university. The degree can be in engineering, physics, computer science, biology, mathematics or chemistry.

A master's or doctorate degree in aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering or other related subjects can be an advantage.

In addition to this, there are physical fitness requirements for candidates. They must be mentally and physically fit, with good eyesight and meet certain height and weight specifications.

A candidate benefits from being fluent in English, as they may communicate with astronauts from other countries. Knowing other languages like Chinese and Russian can also be beneficial.

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